The Challenge

TTC Signatory had embarked on a restructure within the technology function, following the appointment of a new CIO.

The CIO was disappointed with the level of female participation in the Management and Senior Leadership Team and also with the ethnic diversity within the broader team.

The CIO had also been really disappointed with the service received from recruiters to date, which had not included working with Kinetech.

The Solution:

Kinetech demonstrated that by working with a large number of recruiters for the previous few years, they had created a situation where multiple agencies were competing to provide short lists for roles in the shortest possible time and therefore;

  • Scratching only the very top surface when it came to available talent in the market
  • Only being offered the most obvious fit, which invariably didn’t not help the business achieve its D&I objectives
  • Generally received very low, reactive service levels from recruiters who didn’t value working with the employer.

Exclusive Partnership:

The first part of our solution was to create an exclusive working partnership with the Technology function, which gave Kinetech;

  • Time to get to know each of the hiring managers, their challenges and short, medium and long term goals and requirements.
  • Time to search for a diverse talent pool from which to shortlist and present for each vacancy.
  • The opportunity to provide invaluable feedback to the CIO and SLT about the challenges in certain disciplines or levels of hire and how to work around them, to meet their goals.

The Outcome:

During the first year of working with this employer, we had:

  • Consistently delivered diverse shortlists for each and every vacancy.
  • Increased the number of females in Management roles from 2 to 6, with 1 in the SLT.
  • Increased the number of females across the entire Tech function by 5 %, bringing it from below the UK average, to above.
  • Increased the number of Tech employees from ethnically diverse and neurologically diverse backgrounds.
  • Dramatically improved hire retention rate.