The Company

Scaling business building a new, open-access fibre network, purpose built for the data age and which will help the UK economy to thrive and innovate.

The Challenge:

Following an organisational restructure, a new team of Process experts were to be formed.  This involved consolidating experts from within the business into a new team but also the recruitment of expertise at various levels.

The requirement included:

  • Process Auditor
  • Senior Process Consultant
  • 2 Process Consultants with industry experience
  • 2 Process Consultants from other industries (to bring fresh ideas to their sector)

The hiring manager also wished to hire Lean Six Sigma experience into the team in some capacity, to reflect a business level direction of change occurring outside of the immediate team.

And some of the roles had a certain degree of ambiguity to them, as they were new for the business.

Our Solution:

Kinetech used our combination of experience and ability to deal with a degree of ambiguity in the brief, to conduct a search for the best available talent in this space; with a mixture of industry and non-industry experience, L6S and some experience that they didn’t know they wanted or needed until them met and found it!  We used our network within the technology sector to quickly identify potential candidates and conducted many interviews on behalf of the employer, before presenting our shortlist.

The Outcome:

10 interviews were conducted by the employer and 6 key hires made within 5 weeks; 4 of whom brought considerable industry experience to the team; one of whom was a L6S Black Belt; and two of whom brought fresh thinking from outside of the immediate sector.  The ratio of interviews to successful hires was extremely high.  In addition, the blend of hires made a significant contribution to the D&I goals of the organisation at the time.

The team, a year on, are thriving and making an outstanding contribution to the business.